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Flutter and Hum / Aleteo y Zumbido: Animal Poems / Poemas de Animales

Flutter & Hum / Aleteo y Zumbido cover art
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Macmillan (Henry Holt)
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The splendor of the animal kingdom and human language (English and Spanish) come together in this collection of poetry that will please children and adults alike. The simple yet descriptive language conveys an understanding of each animal while being accessible to young children. The illustrations across each layout unify the English and Spanish versions of the poems. The gouache medium and choice of colors and hues give the book a vibrant, Latin feel. Paschkis cleverly weaves poetic words from both Spanish and English throughout the illustrations--giving the rich sounds of language to blades of grass, leaves, a turtle's shell, water, and more. Poetry permeates the entire book and makes it a joy for an adult and child to share together or for a new reader to explore on his/her own. Up to seven.